Anemos is a Los Angeles-based swim and resort wear brand founded in 2018 by California natives Lauren Arapage and Joshua Shaub. A former press officer for Stella McCartney and buying director for Moda Operandi respectively, the pair draw inspiration from the laid-back ease of their shared home state, as well as the directional sensibility of New York City, where their fashion careers first began. With a reverence for minimalism and a focus on sustainability, Anemos keeps its consumer at the center of its designs, and its impact on the planet at the core of its production.

Formerly designing under the name Anemone—a symbol which referenced the sea species and flora, and appeared in embroidered accents throughout the collection—the brand has been reimagined as Anemos, a Greek word meaning wind. Inspired by the natural evolution of its success and where the founders intend to take the collection next—including launching a men’s capsule in 2020—this name encapsulates that freedom and fluidity, and makes space for the growth ahead. Anemos debuted with the launch of Resort 2021, marking an exciting new wave for the brand.